The Bell from Cold Mountain

The Mosuo are a compact ethnic group living in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces in China. They are the “Last Matrilineal Society” and also called “Home of the Matriarchal Tribe”.

First discovered in the middle of 1200 century when Kublai Khan with his Mongolian army established his army headquarters in south of Lugu Lake. But presently they are not listed in the China government ethnic group list because they do not have twenty thousand people in all over the China.

Year after year The Mosou peoples are disappearing throughout their total population. The Mosou people has their own culture and tradition though Naxi people called them their extension part. In some case Mosou people are being converted to Naxi culture also. Han culture is another one by their Ming Dynesty. Mosuo accepted Buddhism into their culture and adapted it to fit their values.  For heightened technology, better roads and transportation – Young Mosuo men and women use these modes to leave their villages and find employment in neighboring cities, also established their life there and not coming back to the village. And Older Mosuo fear emerging property conflicts as a consequence. Care for the family, with younger children generations leaving the villages, is also a concern.

Zhang Shijiao in one of the smallest village in Ningland County known for Mosou ethnic group, bordering Sichuan province to the northeast, close to the border with Tibet. It is under the administration of Lijiang City.

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